We survived our walk at Werribee Gorge! We only did the “short circuit”, which at 2½ hours took long enough – maybe in late autumn or winter weather I’d consider braving the “long” route. The scenery was lovely, too, although you can definitely tell the climate is more arid here compared to the temperate rainforest to Melbourne’s east. The only downside was the long and unpleasant drive it took to get there (thankfully a bit better coming back). Plus the inevitable patch of sunburn on my neck where I must’ve left a gap in my sunscreen… but overall, a rewarding experience 😁

a dried-up creekbed, reddish dirt with arid-climate vegetation, vivid blue sky above Werribee River (greenish, looks more like a placid creek) seen from a ledge above, amidst arid-climate vegetation and reddish dirt a view from a side of a walking track: reddish dirt, gum trees, extremely strong blue sky view from a lookout point: rolling hills in the background, trees in the mid-ground, rocks in the foreground, with a single long cloud just above the horizon