As of today, it’s been a full decade since the fateful night Vivian and I met. It’s funny how the time sneaks up on you – I know Vivian’s remarked that he can’t believe it’s been so long already, whereas for me, I can kind of believe it, because a large part of me feels like I’ve known him forever 😂

We met at a houseparty thrown by a mutual friend. I actually got there kinda late in the night, and had almost decided I was too tired to go, because first I had to attend this educational in the city (I think it was about the “popular front” strategy of the 1930s Left, possibly in France…) and it had been very dry and not put me in a partying mood. But, someone offered me a lift, so I went. At the party, at some point, I got stuck in a conversation with this dude ranting about the “feminist conspiracy” in Albury-Wodonga to deprive him of a driver’s licence (his proof: the driving test person was a woman, and he failed the test like 5 times in a row…), and Vivian came over to rescue me from that shit-show. The rest, the borrow a cliché, is history.

There was a six-year age gap between us, but we were actually in a pretty similar stage of life: had just finished our second years of uni, were still living at home with our parents, etc. At any rate, we’ve grown up together in a big way since then, and our lives look totally different now, living together with a cherished baby cat and all. I’ve visited members of his family in South Africa, and the two of us have gone on a trip of our own to North America (just before Covid). It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, or really anywhere close, but at least in the last couple of years I think we’ve hit a relatively good groove. We’ve been building up our future together and, certainly, at this point I couldn’t imagine life without him 😊

As for how we plan to celebrate, well, basically I intend to make a delicious dinner for us tonight, and then maybe tomorrow (Friday) we might go out to a restaurant, and have a nice drink along with a meal. So you know, simple stuff! Still, it should be nice, and it’s a great milestone to mark. Here’s to many years to come 🥂