I haven’t bothered writing a “year in review” post this year; with all the lockdowns and instability it’s really felt like a year of treading water, and I’m doubtful that at least the early part of 2022 will be any better. It’d be nice to set some proper goals for the year, but at the moment it’s looking like a life of staying home as much as possible. I guess I could set some goals to learn some new things – Javascript could be interesting 🤷🏻‍♀️ But, yeah. Overall this New Year feels like it’s marking a point that’s just thoroughly “in the middle”.

Nonetheless, I certainly hope that in 2022 we can put some of this Covid shit behind us, and that in one year’s time I’ll be feeling a bit more uplifted than I am right now. And to anyone reading this, I hope your year to come is better than the one that’s been, too! Happy New Year everyone 🥂