Link: “That Weirdo Announcer-Voice Accent: Where It Came From and Why It Went Away

Original post found at: https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2015/06/that-weirdo-announcer-voice-accent-where-it-came-from-and-why-it-went-away/395141/

Interesting article on that old-timey “newsreader” accent you hear in Amer­i­can newsreels from the 1950s. Found it via a Reddit thread(external link) where the point was clearly made that this newsreader accent was different from the Transatlantic accent(external link) (the newsreader accent being heavily rhotic in contrast to the Transatlantic accent’s non-rhoticity, for example), despite both being a result of voice coaching and not natural accents. Anyway, the article speculates that the accent was basically the result of over-enunciating to be heard clearly over crackly old audio systems. As those improved, the need for any special accent went away. Cool stuff.

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