Link: “A Surprising Number of Kids in The US Think Hot Dogs Are Actually This

Original post found at: https://www.sciencealert.com/a-surprising-number-of-kids-in-the-us-think-hotdogs-are-actually-vegetables

Modern American children have become so disconnected from the source of their food that many kindergarteners think bacon comes from a plant, not a pig, according to a small new survey.

According to this article, 41% of 4–5 years olds thought bacon came from plants, while “just under half” thought that French fries were an animal-derived product. What it goes on to suggest, furthermore, is that one of the main reasons they have so much confusion is that their parents are reluctant to tell them the truth for fear of upsetting them, saying:

Researchers suspect young humans start out placing a high value on mammal lives, but as they grow up, those values begin to decline in favor of food.

I remember being on one of my teaching placements, and the chaos that broke out one afternoon when one of the grade 1s let slip to the others that meat was dead animals. Of course it was a Catholic school, so the teacher managed to calm them all down by saying that while it is sad, God put those animals on this Earth to be eaten 😜 Don’t think you could get away with that kind of cop-out in a state school.

The article finishes by making the point that reducing global meat consumption is one of the things that would reduce global carbon emissions, and if children are freaked out by the idea of eating dead animals to the point that adults feel the need to “shield” them from reality, maybe it’d be better to not shield them and let a natural transition to a more plant-based diet happen. It kinda makes sense to me 🤷🏻‍♀️

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