The last few days have been pretty busy, to the point that they haven’t left me a lot of time for posting, as you can probably tell 😅

On Friday I had to go in for an MRI. I’ve never had one before, so it was a new experience, for sure. I didn’t have any claustrophobia, but the sounds the MRI makes are like different alarms all going off and blaring at random times so it definitely wasn’t very relaxing. Also had a bit of a bizarre experience when it was time to leave, and we walked out of the MRI section of the hospital into a corridor that was all barricaded off. The guy showing me out went, “Uhhh… let’s see if we can still get out of here…” and set off down the hallway, but before long we were stopped by a security guard who sent us back. Turned out they were about to send a Covid-positive patient down that corridor to get an MRI, and they did not want me crossing paths with them. So in the end I had to be shown out via the fire stairs. But I did eventually make it out of the hospital 😅

On the Friday evening we went to Vivian’s mum’s house to celebrate Diwali with his family. Lots of good food and for many of them, it was the first time I’d seen them in months thanks to all the lockdowns. So that wasn’t too bad!

On the weekend we started working on our little backyard. My goal is to revamp it into a place that’s actually nice to spend time in – at the moment the ground is all some blergh combination of pebbles, weeds and dirt, and some foam puzzle piece-like things that the previous tenants left behind and that I assembled into a path. I’m thinking basically lawn and flowerbeds or plant­ers at the sides, along with trellises for climbing plants that I mentioned the other day. But before we can make much headway on that, we have to kill the weeds and sift out aaaaaaall the pebbles… and not only are there many cubic metres of pebbles, but there’s also plastic sheets and (most annoying of all) dense mats of roots fanning out from this tree stump where the council forced us to have the tree cut down years ago, but it’s still not fully dead. It’s a HUGE job. But even if we do just a bit at a time, we will get through it eventually, and the yard isn’t so large it’d take us months or anything (so long as we don’t take too many days off anyway…).

The last thing I can think of to mention is that there was an auction for a flat near us the other day that really had my head spinning at how sick the housing market currently is. It was just a two-bedroom, one-bedroom flat, and the guide price was approximately $1 million, which just struck me as ludicrous no matter how beautifully-renovated or well-located the flat is (and I’d say it’s both). Pretty much the entire crowd that turned up for the auction, minus curious neighbours like us, was eighty-somethings hobbling around on walking frames… because basically, unless you already own a fortune in property how could you ever afford that place? And yet in the end, unsurprisingly I think, the property passed in – the asking price was just way too high (and tbh it sounded like the reserve was higher than the guide price, which I didn’t think was legal any more). I just can’t help but think we’re fortunate to be living where we are (my mum owns our place 😅) because it’s just soooo hard for young people to get a foot in the door these days… especially if they’re actually hoping for, y’know, a place large enough to raise kids in.