Link: “Was Julie Amero wrongly convicted?”

Original post found at: https://www.theregister.com/2007/02/14/julie_amero_case/

There are few things scarier than the intersection of technology and legal proceedings… and this case from the mid-2000s illustrates why. A substitute teacher was convicted of “impairing the morals of a child” because a mal­ware-­rid­den, non-updated school computer started spouting porn pop-ups during a seventh-grade English class 🤯 Apparently the defence was not allowed to point out that it was malware, either, because they missed some deadline for notifying the court that that was their defence. Then the prosecution bamboozled the jury with “expert witnesses” who had NFI what they were talking about. Worth noting that according to Wikipedia(external link), even once a higher court threw out her conviction, she was still pressured into taking a plea deal for “disorderly conduct” and required to give up her teaching licence…

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