The other day I caught myself wondering what is actually the difference between a wrap and a flour tortilla (you know, other than wraps being in the “bakery” section of the supermarket and tortillas in “international foods”). I did a web search, and found to my surprise that there actually are some differences… at least in theory:

  • wraps contain yeast, while tortillas do not
  • wraps are “traditionally” baked, while tortillas are pan-fried (not sure how relevant this still is in the era of mass-produced foods, but I do know that wraps come pre-cooked while tortilla packages tell you to cook them yourself)
  • wraps are usually bigger, and tortillas usually smaller (this one I can vouch for, and is the main reason I buy both)
  • wraps can contain some added extras (like herbs or seeds) while tortillas are supposed to be plain (this one is also true in my experience)

But then, this Remezcla article(external link) states that, at least as sold by Mission Foods, they actually are the same thing and they simply started labelling some of their tortillas “wraps” to appeal to that kind of American who turns their nose up at “foreign foods”. But I don’t buy Mission Foods wraps, just their tortillas and IDK if that “the product is identical” thing applies to brands that don’t even sell tortillas (like, the brand of wraps I buy is Helga’s, and their only other product line at my supermarket is bread loaves). Also, product lines can vary between the US and Australia, anyway.

One thing that I can say for sure is that this “is it a wrap or a tortilla?!” question will never trouble Vivian, who simply calls them both “rotis” 🤣