Reply to “Indieweb as state of mind” by Leon Paternoster

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I found this all an interesting discussion! I’ve certainly enjoyed having my own site again and tinkering to add various IndieWeb features, but it’s not something I’d realistically expect the average person to do. That said, I also agree that the fundamentals of the IndieWeb are really just having your own site – everything else like post types, webmentions, etc. seem mainly there to mimic social media, which I think is an awesome extra, but isn’t necessary just to have your own, “independent” site. The latter is much easier of course (although still not something everyone will want to do).

Another thing I will say I’ve noticed is that most of the people who’ve implemented IndieWeb principles to any degree on their site also have Micro.blog accounts… making it much easier in most cases to comment on Micro.blog than by actually making a reply post on my own site. I guess there’s nothing really wrong with that, but it just seems funny given the “IndieWeb” ethos. I can make the effort to do otherwise (like I’m doing for this, now) but most of the time I wonder what’d be the point, and take the path of least resistance.

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