Link: “The Debris Shovellers” by Ben Jenkins

Original post found at: https://idiotreport.substack.com/p/the-debris-shovellers

The kind of milquetoast copy that regular political writing requires obscures a truth that should be shocking or at least urgent: that we are governed, in the main, by a group of inept psychos who are broadly making things up as they go, operating in a system that’s fundamentally rigged in favour of the powerful. There’s a good reason the political pundit can’t write a column saying that every single week: they’d sound demented. But more than that, if that premise is even a little bit true, then the insider-focused, horse-race style of most modern political reportage begins to appear not a little grotesque.

Good piece on professional pundits (or “opinion-havers”) and how being paid to come up with an opinion day after day for years actually rots your brain.

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