Link: “Building Melbourne's Useful Network Part 101: Suburban connection points - the secret to useful & versatile trains?” by Peter Parker

Original post found at: https://melbourneontransit.blogspot.com/2021/08/building-melbournes-useful-network-part_0347442267.html

Good blog post about how Melbourne’s highly radial railway network (which is itself the backbone of our public transport network, certainly the high-frequency part) is not well-optimised for cross-suburban trips. This is unlike Sydney, which has numerous connection points outside the inner city and even a couple of lines that don’t touch the CBD at all (the T5 runs north-south in the western suburbs, and the new “metro” line runs east-west across northern suburbs).

The post does say that we don’t need to wait until the Suburban Rail Loop is built to make improvements – we can reform bus networks to create more high-quality “feeder” routes, we can optimise timetables for efficient connections between different modes, and we can make less radical infrastructure improvements (in comparison to the SRL) like dedicated busways and tramways, to ensure those modes can run at higher speeds.

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