Link: “The media frames the climate crisis as hopeless – but that’s because they’re hiding the solutions

Original post found at: https://www.businessinsider.com.au/media-frames-climate-change-hopeless-hiding-the-solutions-2021-8

While a large majority of Americans agree we need to act on the climate crisis, no one seems to know exactly what we should do, except push our government to do more. 40% of people who believe in climate change feel “helpless” about it.

But this helplessness is not an inevitable result of the severity of the crisis – severe as it may be. Instead, it’s a conditioned response to a world in which the most powerful politicians and corporations want to cast the issue as too difficult and overly complex. To protect their bottom line, those in power want to obfuscate what should be an obvious truth: We can only stop global warming if we end fossil fuel extraction. And we can only do that through direct action, protest, and political revolt.

In order to hide this truth, the powerful have used the mainstream media to make it seem like the answer to the climate crisis is in small, incremental, largely electoral steps. Mainstream news has made everyday Americans feel like we have no options to impact climate change beyond voting, and that’s given us the illusion there’s nothing else to be done. Until we adjust our media diets and start paying less attention to the everyday, overwhelming destruction, and more attention to the people who are already combating climate change, we’ll keep vacillating between overwhelm and helplessness.

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