There’s a lot that could be said about the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, but one that gets me is just how many refugees from Afghanistan – like gay people and Hazaras – the Australian government insisted were safe to deport back because “Kabul is safe now” 😠 I don’t know how many were sent back, versus how many have been effectively imprisoned without charge by us for years and years because the courts say they can’t be refouled and the government says they can’t stay here…1 but it’s still bullshit that they haven’t been allowed to live normal lives here just because the government has spent years maintaining this fiction that Kabul is safe. Wonder if that’ll actually change now, or if they’ll find some other excuse for their barbaric policy.

  1. This tweet(external link), at least, puts a number on how many Afghans have had their applications denied (518) as well as how many are still waiting for a decision (420). As well as 4,265 Afghans on temporary visas. ↩︎