For the past few days, I’ve been taking a break from Twitter. In recent weeks it had been irritating me more than anything else, and FOMO was starting to be a source of stress – feeling like I “had” to scroll through it just in case, even though it was annoying me. I’ve written about this predicament before, but this time I mustered up the willpower to just stop it. No more Twitter, at least for a while. (Long-term, I think I might be happier just following a small number of selected users in a feed reader. But a break first, to work out what I really miss.)

Convenient timing that today I came across this article, You Really Need to Quit Twitter(external link). The addictive qualities of social media are getting increasingly recognised, I guess. I know I’ve recently seen some link) people celebrating milestones since they quit Twitter, too. It almost seems ridiculous to me, this idea that stopping checking a website could feel like a big deal? And yet. Here’s to time spent more productively… or at least spent doing things that make me happier 🙂