Link: “Other Australians earn nothing like what you think. If you're on $59,538, you're typical

Original post found at: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-09/typical-australian-wage-less-than-you-might-think-typical/100198488

$200,000 is unusual. I’ve never quite understood why politicians were so keen to tell us such incomes are normal. It might be because they are on them. Each backbencher gets $211,250 plus a $32,000 electorate allowance (boosted by $19,500 if they turn down the use of a private-plated vehicle) plus home internet and travel allowances.

Good article breaking down income distribution in Australia, based on 2018-19 tax data (wages haven’t gone up in years so nothing much will have changed since then – except the rich getting richer). The median taxable income is $60,000; the 75th percentile is $90,000. Earning a six-figure income is very uncommon indeed.

Addendum: Hmm, except according to this ABS page(external link), the median income is actually just under $50k, not just under $60k as the article says πŸ€” I wonder if there are different definitions of “income” at play.

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