I started playing Cozy Grove today (through Apple Arcade, although for non-Mac platforms it’s on Steam) and I really like it πŸ₯° They’ve made an interesting choice to limit how much you can do each day – after a while you stop getting new quests, characters run out of new dialogue, and so on. I know when I was playing Littlewood, I would sometimes play it for hours because it had such a compulsive loop. This game feels similar, except for the loop fizzing out after 1Β½ hours or so. It makes it harder to, y’know, lose sleep cos you just couldn’t put down your game 😌

Another thing I’ve found is that they had to change a joke when localising the game(external link), because the concept of “crowdfunding basic healthcare” doesn’t translate well outside the US. Apparently the game has a satisfying left-wing bent overall(external link). I think I can see myself happily dipping in and out of Cozy Grove for a while.