I’ve decided to create a new top-level section of this site, and called it my personal wiki, although it’s the concept of digital gardening that’s inspired me in implementing it. When I started this version of my homepage it was with the intention of creating more “evergreen” content, but then I never got around to it… this section, I hope, can be a repository for all those things I think of that I want to write about. In my case, the wiki won’t just be a place for things I learn, but also to share opinions, anecdotes and that kind of thing. My intention is to take things out of “the stream”, and into “a garden” where they’ll be just as browsable no matter when you stumble by them.

On the off-chance that you want to subscribe to an RSS feed of new wiki posts (updates on older pages won’t bump them back to the top of the feed), that can be found at /wiki/index.xml. I also feel like this would be a good section to take to my Gemini capsule, but I haven’t done that yet.

Another thing I’ve done that I think is kind of cool is that if a wiki page matches the name of a tag, the template draws in a list of all my (dated) content tagged with that tag, to make the connection automatically. Actually, it’s the idea of “tag descriptions” that led me down the path to this – when I was migrating my bookmark collection, I realised that many of those tags were pretty good collections of knowledge, and combined with a tag description (to give some context) could have made decent pages. Now my tags here are different, and some of them are more “baskets” than “topics” and so hard to give descriptions to. Then the more I thought about it, the more I realised there are topics I might want pages on, but haven’t written posts about (or might only ever write one post about and that post might as well be a page)… anyway to cut a long story short, all my tags remain as they were and I made wiki pages as a new, separate thing, but they will draw on tags where the topic is the same. It may be that no one but me ever wants to browse this personal wiki anyway, but either way I hope it makes for a more interesting browsing experience than just archives pages 😊