Trump self-hosting his own microblog(external link) may not be the endorsement of the concept I would prefer, but I guess it’s bringing it to wider public awareness? As the TechDirt article puts it:

On the whole, though, this is a good thing. I’m glad that Trump has set up his own site (no matter what happens with Facebook). More people should do that themselves as well, and recognize that then you get to set your own moderation rules and your own system, and don’t have to deal with not violating someone else’s rules. But it also shows how Facebook and Twitter removing him wasn’t censorship – it was just them saying he needs to find somewhere else to speak.

Generally speaking, I think, it is the marginalised who have more to gain from indie microblogging than the rich and powerful (Trump being an exception only because he went so far off the deep end that even other rich and powerful people turned on him). While there’s definitely something “icky” about the idea of Trump becoming the most prominent example of it for now, it is a concept that I think should catch on more broadly.