Link: “Is your kid studying a second language at school? How much they learn will depend on where you live”

Original post found at: https://theconversation.com/is-your-kid-studying-a-second-language-at-school-how-much-they-learn-will-depend-on-where-you-live-155219

The main thing I took away from this piece is that Victoria makes some of the most thorough recommendations for how much language-learning schoolkids should get, but in my experience no primary school student gets anywhere near 150 minutes of foreign language instruction per week. Try one-third of that at best. And kids end up not learning much except rote-memorised lists of numbers, days of the week, members of the family, etc. and basic pleasantries like “Hello, my name is…” and “How are you? I’m fine thanks.” The whole system needs a big overhaul.

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