It’s been a rough few days for Gidget and I. It’s taken a lot of active intervention on my part to keep her from jumping on and falling off things, to get her to eat (including medication), and to get her to use a litter tray regularly. She managed to roll down the very top of her bandage, so I had to put the dreaded “cone of shame” on her. She hates it utterly but on the bright side it’s really reduced my workload with the trying to stop her jumping everywhere.

Then as for me, that cold I got nine days ago has suddenly got a lot worse after a few days had gone by of me steadily getting better. Pretty much every time I get a cold it takes 2+ weeks to clear precisely because I always seem to get a sinus infection on the back of the initial cold… but the fact that it’s “normal” for me is no consolation. Last night I was feverish all over again, and overall I’m just so tired and feeling overloaded.

I’m planning to go get a Covid test this afternoon. I should’ve got one before now, really, but the outbreak didn’t start until after I was already sick, and none of the exposure sites line up with anywhere I’ve been, and I’m 99% sure it is just a cold I have and not Covid, but you know. The responsible thing to do is rule it out. Especially when I need to take Gidget in for more vet appointments this week 😓

close-up of the head of a tabby cat surrounded by a clear plastic cone, with wide-open eyes, perhaps quietly incensed by the indignity of her predicament