I feel like I should make some kind of face covering part of my standard winter outerwear, because wow is that so much warmer. For every winter of my existence, I’ve been plagued with a runny nose every time I go outside or even, you know, into an unheated room. This morning I had to put a face mask on to board the bus to work, aaaand… my nose stopped running within a minute or two. It was like magic ✨

I have felt like, even when the pandemic is “over”, it would be nice if people adopted the habit of wearing a facemask in certain situations in the winter, particularly if they have a cold. Just because some people’s colds consist of having the sniffles for two days, doesn’t mean that when I catch it off them I’m not going to be couch-bound for two weeks.

I think this habit is really unlikely to catch on in Australia for a number of reasons. But still… for the sake of my nose, I should be able to find something that covers it up but is still stylish enough. Hmmm.