Link: “Carceral feminism and coercive control: when Indigenous women aren't seen as ideal victims, witnesses or women

Original post found at: https://theconversation.com/carceral-feminism-and-coercive-control-when-indigenous-women-arent-seen-as-ideal-victims-witnesses-or-women-161091

An important contribution, in my opinion. It’s a knee-jerk reaction of many feminists – “bad people, lock ’em up!” and it’s definitely even an instinctive reaction of mine – it’s so deeply ingrained in us from when we’re little that jail is how we punish people who do harm to others. But considering how much harm we know the criminal justice system does to Black and Indigenous people, and how horrible the police are at responding to even the most clear-cut situations (and deliberately so), we need to move beyond that instinctive reaction and realise that strengthening this oppressive system cannot be the answer.