Tonight I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while – created a page outlining the RSS feeds for this site you can subscribe to. One thing I’m mindful of is that I post about a diverse range of stuff, and just because you might find some of it interesting doesn’t mean you care about everything… so I wanted to point out that the options are there if you want to subscribe to one or more specific topics (like pets, or languages, or “internet”, etc.), or if you just want to subscribe for articles and not all the “micro” posts, and so forth.

I’ve often actually wished social media worked more this way – that you could just have one user account and multiple “channels”, and you’d subscribe to individual channels of other users if they had them set up and not their whole account (unless you wanted to of course). Perhaps too complicated for anyone to have tried to implement? But the beauty of blogs with categories and RSS is that they can work that way 😉

The other thing I did tonight is changing the URLs for all my category and tag pages, so rather than being at e.g. /tags/cats.html they should be at URLs like /tags/cats/. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to do this by specifying permalinks in my Hugo config.toml 😒 so I had to create branch bundles(external link) for every category and tag and define URLs for them manually (although I could speed this up with archetypes(external link)). All the subpages (like the RSS feed and pages 2, 3, etc. where paginated) were already under a /tags/cats/-style subdirectory so this just puts the index page in the same directory as all its subordinate content, which I see as more logical!