We’ve been to the vet!

The good news is that there’s been no really bad news, although the vet wasn’t quite sure what she’s done. He thought she probably does not have a fracture (“unless she’s the most stoic cat ever”). He did find that she has a luxated patella(external link), but wasn’t convinced that this was why she’s now suddenly limping; he thought it was a pre-existing condition (and said she’ll probably need surgery for it down the line, or else it’ll lead to arthritis). So for now, he’s sent us home with anti-inflammatories, and told us to come back in 5–7 days if she hasn’t improved by then, at which point they can do x-rays.

She also has to go back to the vet in 4 weeks anyway, because it’s been too long since she last got vaccinated so she needs a booster shot 🙈 Still, it wasn’t too much of an ordeal this time. It shouldn’t be too bad to bring her back for that.