It’s been many weeks since we’ve had a day as warm as 24°, but today Melbourne finally delivered! I had a great afternoon walk at the beach. There were loads of dogs there, and I have to say, I love those puppies that haven’t yet learned the social norms of being a dog at the beach. They’re hilarious and cute. There was a black labrador one (not a puppy-puppy, but not a full-grown dog either, if you get my drift) who kept tearing away from his owners to try to get attention from everyone else at the beach, or on one occasion barge into some other dogs’ game of fetch, including patiently waiting for their owner to throw the ball… 🤣 Dogs are so great.

blue skies, blue ocean, some shrubs to the right of the frame, and sand with weeds on it in the foreground. in the water, in the distance, a human and three dogs are standing around on the right, and some small boats are parked on the left.