For any other Harry Potter fans, I thought I’d share the best Hogwarts Sorting Hat quiz(external link) that I’ve ever found. It gives you a “primary” (motivations) and “secondary” (methods) house, and lets you argue back/explore further to maybe get a different result if you don’t like the one it initially gives you.

For me, it gives me a Ravenclaw primary and Hufflepuff secondary house, with a “modelled” Ravenclaw secondary (which basically means I use Ravenclaw methods of acculumating facts and knowledge too, but my instinct or fallback in times of stress is the Hufflepuff way of just putting in the work 😜). I also liked the point it made about how if a Ravenclaw’s moral code is a compassionate, people-centred one, then actually they become very difficult to tell apart from Hufflepuffs, which helps explain to me why both houses sound very relatable (although since my childhood I’ve had a preference for Ravenclaw πŸ˜†). There is actually a gargantuan amount of explanation as to the thinking behind the quiz and how it all works, which you can find on their blog here(external link).