It’s been a busy day of barely doing anything but website work, but I’m making good progress getting the Hugo blog up and running 🙂 Today I have:

  • Set up Bridgy(external link) and started displaying webmentions under each post (where they exist). I’ve gotta say, Bridgy is very nifty indeed!
  • Created an archive page including what I think is a sweet view for month/year/front page views… I was so inspired by’s Tagmoji that every post now has an emoji going with it 😉
  • Imported my old posts up to December 30 last year. This is a manual process so I can fix up images and include syndication links (for Bridgy, in theory), which makes it very slow… but I’m getting there 😪

If I have the endurance I hope to finish importing posts tomorrow. Then I’d like to code templates for bookmark/like/reply posts. And then finally (gasp!) I should be able to rest on my laurels a bit.