Reply to “My war on doomscrolling” by Toby Kurien

Original post found at: https://tobykurien.com/war-on-doomscrolling/

I found this very relatable! So often I’ve found myself making no progress on whatever I actually intended to do, because I get distracted scrolling through social media. Unfortunately in my case, I’m not so sure algorithms are the trouble – I suspect I just follow too many (prolific) tweeters 😕 But at the same time, I don’t want to unfollow them, because they regularly serve up interesting articles I wouldn’t have found otherwise. It’s a real pickle.

And I do find that otherwise, I prefer slower-paced online spaces, like blogs and Gemini. And I also see the appeal in spending less time online in the first place, and more time appreciating the natural world around us. Good on you for making the time for that.