Reply to “Let's Imagine a Better World” by Tim Smith

Original post found at: https://timmmmy.blog/2021/02/lets-imagine-a-better-world/

Why do we accept working 40 hours a week? Why do we give employers five days of our lives, when we only get two? Why do we seem to demand democracy in politics, but not at the work place?

Why have we accepted poverty and hunger when Jeff Bezos makes $8.9 million every hour? Why do we accept capitalism when this pandemic has shown us that it’s greatest strength is creating greater inequality?

Love this. It’s truly bizarre to me that we seem to have developed this social expectation of everyone devoting themselves fanatically to their work, even defining themselves by their work, with no control over their work. That on top of the gross inequality, the environmental destruction, and so on. I’m with you, I think humanity can do much better than this.

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