Hello world! For a little while now I’ve been working on adding a blog to my Hugo-generated static site, and I thought it was about time to inaugurate my creation with an actual (public) post.

For the past three months I’ve been blogging diligently on Micro.blog(external link), which incidentally is an awesome service I’d recommend to anyone who wants a lightweight, no-fuss, blog or microblog. The community there is wonderful, it has IndieWeb building blocks like Webmentions and POSSE built in, and the fact that it’s built on Hugo means you get a ton of flexibility to theme your blog as you like. Regardless of where my blog is actually hosted, I’ll be making use of Micro.blog and participating in its community for a long time to come.

That said, over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling increasingly inclined to incorporate my blog fully into my existing Hugo site. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. The lesser, more theoretical one: A Hugo blog’d be easier to “export” and import if I had to. That is, because I already have all my Hugo files on my own computer (and saved to a cloud backup), if I wanted or needed to move to a new web host for whatever reason I could do so really quickly. Micro.blog has an export function but it basically gives you a single HTML page with all your entries on it. It’s clean, but would take a lot more effort to turn into a usable website somewhere else.
  2. And the greater, more immediate/practical one: I want more control over how my photo posts are processed and displayed than Micro.blog offers, especially when photoblogging from my phone. Micro.blog won’t resize your image uploads, which is fine – I can do that myself before I upload. But then, by default your images get included into your post with an HTML tag with hardcoded width and height attributes – for my landscape uploads, this is 600x450 pixels. This is not the size I want my images to display, and this method of hardcoding the size also breaks on mobile, because the image stays 450px tall even when the displayed width is narrower than 600px, so it stretches. When I’m on my computer, I can work around this by saving the post as a draft, then immediately going in to edit the post. The iOS app doesn’t suppport saving drafts though, so I can’t really fix this before publishing on there. And then even if that was fixed I also wanted to use Hugo to generate automatic responsive images(external link) to optimise my site’s load times, which is an advanced kind of feature that I certainly wouldn’t blame Micro.blog for never introducing πŸ™‚

Because I know there’s nothing anyone likes more than a Hugo-generated blog full of posts about the workflow of blogging on Hugo (I have a relevant meme scatterplot in mind that I now can’t find to link you to), I might publish further posts about the bits and pieces I’ve set up to make life easy for myself. This definitely isn’t going to become a full-time tech blog, though – I still have a lot more to say that isn’t just about the website itself 😊

I also, admittedly, still have a fair chunk of work to do to get this blog supporting everything I want it to. It should be capable of receiving webmentions through Webmention.io(external link), but I haven’t yet set it up to display them. I also haven’t set up the sending of Webmentions, but Webmention.app(external link) should work. Integrating Brid.gy(external link) is also a possibility. I also need to tinker with my theme again and work out where I want my posts to “live” (the front page?). And I won’t fully switch from posting to Micro.blog to here until I know I have feature parity, at the very least. But the process is underway! And that’s the important thing.