This accursed cat decided to stay out very late last night – something she never really does. We went out calling and calling, searched the local park, Viv walked around to the group home where she sometimes likes to hang out, etc. but she refused to come out. At 10pm, I spotted her fleetingly in our courtyard (trying to drink water out of a bucket turned on its side), but alas! By the time I opened the back door, she’d vanished again. Vivian finally wrangled her inside about an hour later. At first she was in quite a huff about it, but before long she was purring like crazy and rubbing her head on me obsessively like, “You wouldn’t really be mad… would you?” Well sorry Gidget… I kind of am 😠 (Photos taken this morning, after we’d all had a good night’s sleep – forgive our very past-it office chair!)

a tabby cat rests on a very shabby office chair, looking upthe same tabby cat on the same shabby office chair, now looking vaguely towards the floor in the camera's direction