Today Viv and I drove out to the Dandenong Ranges on Wurundjeri land to do the Eastern Sherbrooke Forest Walk. We went a slightly long way round, so it was about 10km through temperate rainforest, a bit hilly with one really steep section. (The more direct route has two really steep sections, so I felt like we went the better way.) The weather was warmer and sunnier, but the forest was as beautiful as when we walked through it in June 😊

a photo from Sherbrooke Forest; thin fern-like trees towering upwardsa photo from Sherbrooke Forest; a fallen log amidst the ferns, sunlight behinda photo from Sherbrooke Forest; a fallen log in a shady patch of fernsa photo from Sherbrooke Forest; a walking trail shaded by ferns

Not only is it a scenic walk, but I find the sounds of the birdsongs and chirping insects really peaceful and relaxing. We saw a number of native species that we don’t often see in the city (but kept our distance, so I don’t have good pictures) – a wallaby, who kept an eye on us from a distance, probably hoping we’d leave it food (we didn’t…); two kookaburras, and a few crimson rosellas (we do have rosellas in our suburb, but they’re the Eastern variety).

Viv and I have been talking about slotting bushwalks into our routine more often, and today’s experience – exhausting but fulfilling – has made me even surer that we should. It’s great to get out into nature sometimes.