It was a warm day today, so Viv and I took a late afternoon walk to our local beach.

a view of a beach from up high, with many dogs and beachgoersa view of a different stretch of the beach from up high

On our way home, we ducked into a bottle shop that’s only been open for a week or so. We wanted to check out their range of beers, and were pleasantly surprised – it’s really extensive!

fridges at a bottle shop, displaying many colourful cans of beer

Confronted with so much choice, in the end Vivian was the one who made the decision and went for this novelty lager.

a six-pack of beer cans, branded 'GET ON THE BEERS' by Bogan Brewery. A description on the rightmost can reads 'In these unprecedented times, Bogan Brewery reckons we can all agree on one thing… It's time to grab your mates and GET ON THE BEERS!

In the end, it was a pretty ordinary lager. But surely the sacrifice was worth it to give us an excuse to reminisce about this classic press conference moment by our state premier(external link), and the months Victorians spent moaning, “Can we get on the beers yet?”(external link).