Christmas was a busy day this year! We had lunch with (predominantly) my mum’s side of the family, and dinner with my partner’s family (although, while I say “dinner”, I personally was so stuffed from lunch I didn’t end up eating anything πŸ˜‚). Below have some photos I took at lunch. For my mum, it was her first excursion out of the house since her mid-year health crisis, so it was a big relief that it was a resounding success! For the rest of us, it was a welcome chance to catch up after a very long and difficult year. Today we’re off to a Boxing Day picnic with my dad’s side of the family, which I’m also looking forward to.

a woman sits in the passenger seat of a car, with a small white dog in the driver's seata white dog curled up on a couch, looking directly up at the camera
a young woman and young man on a couch, both on their phones; the woman has a dog on her lapthree middle-aged to older adults sitting around a dining table, chattinga young woman in a VR headset and a slightly older man bending over to check an (off-camera) screen
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