After two and a half weeks running my own blog at this subdomain, I feel energised to start making a static site to go alongside it at the root domain ☺️ At first I was looking into Hugo, but the learning curve seems a little high and I feel like it might be overkill for what I want. So instead, I’ve installed MAMP to my laptop so I can work on a basic static site locally (with PHP includes for page layouts, as I used to do back in the day) and upload it once it reaches a satisfactory point.

For me, there are a lot of advantages to a static site: it should be a lot lighter and more performant than having a whole CMS for just a personal site; it allows me a lot more flexibility and precision for each page (because while I know CMS templates can technically do that, I’m just better with HTML/CSS/very basic PHP); and perhaps most importantly, if life gets too busy and I don’t have the time to actively work on the site for a while, nothing should break on me 😂 When I had blogs in the past, I often had problems with spam or software updates breaking my themes if I had to leave them unattended, and considering it was just a hobby that did sometimes happen… I’m a big fan of solutions that mean I no longer need to worry about this!